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Part of our mission here at Healing Place Church is to provide people opportunities for wholesome and fulfilling activities that build community, strengthen faith, and rejoice in the love of God. In addition to our services and small group activities, we often take our ministry to the outdoors. Congregating in nature and the beauties of the natural landscape is another way to strengthen our mind, spirit, and connection with God. 

Hiking Group 

The El Paso region is blessed with natural wonders and gorgeous landscapes waiting to be explored. The outdoors allows for a reconnection with ourselves and with God.  “Through Him, all things were made: without Him, nothing was made that has been made.” (John 1:3)

The expansive mountains, the desert terrain, the plants, and the wildlife have a lot to teach us. Engaging in outdoor activities is a great way to rejoice in the Lord’s creations. Put the smartphones away and launch yourself into the beauty that God created. Engage your body in mind in the natural world and see it open up to you. The good news is our hiking trips are appropriate for all ages. 

Smiling group of hikers enjoying the day hiking together along a beautiful desert cliff hiking trail in Texas

Nearby Hiking Trails

Our hiking group explores some of the area’s most intriguing places, including: 

  • El Paso Tin Mines Trail: This trail is located within the Franklin Mountains and leads to the only tin mines in the country. 
  • Aztec Cave trail: A popular trail in the El Paso area as it houses Aztec caves. This trail leads you up the mountain to the top where you can go into these ancient caves, explore, and enjoy the view. 
  • Mundy’s Gap: Another favorite and more advanced trail in the Franklin State park is Mundy’s Gap. 
  • McKelligon Canyon trails: This is a popular destination for hiking, running, and biking. There are several rock climbing routes and hiking trails. Among these is the Ron Coleman Trail

The hiking group is a way to tap into the beauty of nature and take our minds to a place that can focus on the small things and listen. When we listen, we get closer to God. It is in that quiet solitude that we can often achieve clarity for the problems that plague us. 

Shooting Group

Healing Place Church also gives people an opportunity to connect with others while sharpening their shooting skills. With plenty of outdoor and indoor ranges in the area, our shooting group encourages firearm safety and practice while connecting with other like-minded peers. Target practice is a fun activity that fosters strong friendships and shared responsibility. 

Our shooting group is led by experienced instructors and is open to everyone. If you are new to the Healing Church Family, don’t hesitate to join one of our groups, where you can make deep connections with people in your community. 

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