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Healing Place Church Children's Ministry

Strengthening Children with the Word of God

Children are central to our mission of spreading healing to a hurting world. Teaching young minds and hearts the fundamentals to achieve a true relationship with Jesus Christ will provide them with the armor they need to face challenges in their lives. Godly wisdom, even at a young age, is part of our responsibility as a church. Our children’s ministry works to cultivate a loving relationship with God through education and age-appropriate activities.

Strong Families Begin with Godly Wisdom

Nothing prepares a child more for the difficulties of life than a close relationship with the Lord.All your children shall be taught by the Lord, And great shall be the peace of your children” (Isaiah 54;13) Part of our children’s ministry is to continue the strengthening of the family through the Word of God. Learning to follow the teachings of the Bible provides kids with a foundation in the values, principles, and ethics that will make them leaders in their communities and people of character and resilience. 

What Children Should Expect from Healing Place Church Ministries

Healing Place Church aims to teach children that knowing Christ is fun and valuable in their lives. Healing Place provides immersive and educational programs and activities that teach traditional values and virtues including honor, respect, dignity, charity, and honesty. The Word of God is our guide towards knowing Him and developing a life-long relationship with His teachings. The program aims to set children up for spiritual success and for them to learn who they are in Christ. 

Annual Vacation Bible School — A Fun and Free Educational Opportunity

Every year, we have our annual Vacation Bible School dedicated to diving deeper into the Bible and its teachings and wisdom. This three-day event is usually held in late summer, and it is free for the community. We have a theme, t-shirts, and tons of fun!

Our Vacation Bible School structures biblical education in a way that is fun and easy to follow. If you want to study the Bible and engage with the stories and histories that form the foundation of our understanding, connect with us today and find out more.

We will post more information on this as it approaches. 

Building Relationships with God and Peers

Building a relationship with God is more than just attending a service once a week. Our programs help children discover the power of prayer and the wisdom in the Word through age-appropriate activities, games, and readings. Knowing Christ is an adventure, one that is personal and intimate but gives children the freedom to pursue their dreams free of inhibitions and fear. Our children’s ministry is about the children but also about the adults that are in their lives and how to cultivate a culture of trust and love within the family unit. 

What to Expect from Healing Place Church Children’s Ministry

Every week, your child will learn and discover the message of Jesus. We teach the Bible in fun and exciting ways that pique children’s curiosity and open up their relationship with God. Every day we begin with prayer and opening our hearts to Jesus. Our amazing volunteers are energetic and excited to share Christ’s message and help build the foundations of faith for the next generation.  

Class Schedules and Start Times

Coming soon!

Sign up for our Children’s Ministry 

If you are interested in having your child participate in our Healing Place Church ministry, sign them up today! Learning the Word of God and beginning their journey with Christ will guide them through everything they do in life and ensure that they continue on a righteous path.

Designated Age Appropriate Groups

Healing Place Church has designated age-appropriate children and youth ministries to ensure that kids are paired up with people in similar age groups. 

Classroom Guidelines & More About Our Programs

We create an environment designed for infants through fifth grade. Our incredible volunteers are always ready to greet your children with a smile and guide them through the day’s lesson and activity. Learn more about what we do in the classroom and bring your child over today!

Do You Want Your Child To Learn the Beauty of Christ? Call Us and Learn More.

Your child will learn the fundamentals of Jesus’ story and his teachings. If you would like more information about our children’s ministry, connect with us today. Want to volunteer as a student leader or an adult volunteer, let us know!


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