Church - One Healing Place For All

Church Ministry in El Paso, TX and Santa Teresa, NM

Through our local Santa Teresa community, we’ve built the best-rated church ministry that has brought God’s light into their relationships and family. Our great messages teach people of all ages about living a compassionate Christain life. We’ve seen our top reviews talk about the amazing influence that our service has had on both children and adults. 

Through our church ministry, we’ve had our volunteers create drives to give back to those around us. Our highly reviewed outreach program has also been a testament to how loving and gracious our local community is during every event. If you have any questions about our programs or ministries, give us a call so that you can join us.  

How We Build Relationships

With the help of our loving community, we have touched the lives of many and hope to continue that growth. Through Christ’s love, we’re able to connect with our community in new ways every year, expanding our church ministry and adding hope to the world. 

Gather - Grow - Go

Here at Healing Place Church, our aim is to be a big enough church ministry to reach the world, all while being small enough to feel at home. We offer many ways for you to connect and to build life-giving relationships.



At Healing Place Church, we believe life is best expressed in the context of community. The Bible teaches that God intends for us to be connected to other believers as we grow in our relationship with Him. At Healing Place Church, we gather at weekend services and events.

We look forward to gathering together to worship an awesome God!


We desire to see you grow in your faith by engaging in God’s Word daily. As believers, God’s Word is our source of strength (Matthew 4:4) and our guide through life (Ps. 119:105). We provide environments and resources to help you develop a lifestyle of biblical pursuit and growing together as a community.

No matter what situation you are walking through or what stage of life you’re in, we have a small group for you. 


We believe a church’s success is not measured by its seating capacity but its sending capacity. In Matthew 28, Jesus gives His church a mandate – to GO. We provide consistent serve opportunities for you to express Jesus while meeting the practical needs of those around you. We organize mission experiences to minister around the world. 

Our Church Ministry Services

We’re able to support one another through our church ministry services by creating stronger relationships. We start with each other and grow outwards. Our ministry services are here to bring Christain values to relationships and families in order to build God’s strength within each other. 

Community Service

We offer community service opportunities multiple times each month. For every community service project, we look for a way to work with an organization to bring benefits and connections to help bring our community together. To get involved with our community service projects, send us an email.


We have various outreach programs to benefit other groups and our community. Our outreach programs have helped everyone from those in need including the homeless, widows, orphans, and more.

Children’s Ministry 

Our Children’s Ministry is designed and structured for children ranging from infants up through fifth grade. For more information, you can visit our Children’s Ministry page here.

Student Ministry 

Our Student Ministry, also known as our Youth Ministry, is specially designed for middle and high school students. For more information, you can visit our Student Ministry page here. 

Connect With Us To Be A Part Of Our Church Ministry

We are so glad you are here to GATHER, GROW, and GO with us! Please let us know if we can answer any questions to help you get more connected to the incredible things waiting for you here at Healing Place Church. Feel free to e-mail us or give us a call for any information on services or volunteer opportunities.